Special exhibition

Special exhibition

Hardenberg Castle and Palace
History of two noble residences

A special exhibition in the Villa Herminghaus in the German Museum of Locks and Fittings.

12/16/22 - 5/31/23

The special exhibition of the Bergischer Geschichtsverein puts the old castle and the castle with outer bailey in a common historical context for the first time and illustrates the now almost 140-year history of research.

The exhibition gives space to archaeological and architectural facts as well as to the research results of local historians. The partly divergent research results - such as those on the origin of the castle and the decline of the old castle - are intended to encourage visitors to take a differentiated view.

Using text panels, maps, models and artifacts
a working group of the Bergischer Geschichtsverein
Abt. Velbert-Hardenberg gives detailed insights into the exciting history of this exciting place.

The special exhibition will be on view at the Villa Herminghaus in the DSBM from December 16, 2022 to May 31, 2023.

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