Birthday at the Museum

Children between 6 and 10 years old are welcome to celebrate their birthday at the museum! A total of 10 children can participate in the birthday (including the birthday child). The birthday lasts 2 hours, including a short break. The break is arranged by the parents themselves, e.g. with brought cake, cookies and drinks.

If you are interested, please contact us with your desired date at least 6 weeks in advance. We also need the following information from you: Number and age of the children, your preferred dates and a telephone number for queries.

Pepe the pirate (for children aged 6-8)

Pepe is confused. The scatterbrained pirate hit his head yesterday during a big storm. As a result, he has forgotten a lot of things. On his desk he found photos of himself in unknown places and lots of keys. But he doesn't know where the places in the photos are, nor why he has all those keys. Pepe will be happy if you help him to find the places and to assign the keys. First, visit the places on the photos and try the locks. After that you will even find a treasure! Afterwards, each of you paints your own treasure box.

Costs: 120,00€

Jewel robbery (for children from 6-10 years)

A spy has found out about precious jewels in the museum and has infiltrated there as an "employee". As a team you now find yourselves in the museum. The insider teaches you numerous tricks so that you can carry out your coup unnoticed. Will you manage to find out where the jewels are hidden and bring the treasures into your possession?

Costs: 120,00€

Searching for clues (for children from 7-10 years)

A valuable exhibit has disappeared in the museum, but the museum staff don't know what to do! Help them find the object again in an exciting scavenger hunt through the museum and become real master detectives.

Costs: 120,00€

Pewter key casting (for children from 7-10 years)

At this children's birthday party, each of you will cast your own key out of pewter! Burners or gas cartridges are used and you work outside under a pavilion. Of course, you will also take a tour of the exhibition and get to know other very special keys - and of course you can try them out!

Costs: 180,00€

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